Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Terrific Knowledge for Terrible Times

I offer my sympathies to those among you who are in distress--emotionally and financially--over the economic crisis plaguing America and the world. The crisis may last for many more years, and people can help themselves considerably by staying emotionally strong. That means believing in yourself and your value and avoiding negative influences. Much blaming and bitterness, along with a sense of helplessness, are making the rounds in communities and the media.

It’s very easy for us to become negative in the present crisis. Our psyche operates in a way that makes it tempting for us to recycle emotions such as deprivation, helplessness, and criticism. The teaching offered at this website helps us to avoid this trap by becoming more perceptive and insightful.

This knowledge penetrates our psyche to expose and eliminate unresolved conflicts that are hidden from our awareness. Whatever is unresolved in our psyche, and denied or left unexplored, has a life of its own. Our unresolved issues produce negativity. We are compelled to experience these negative emotions, no matter how painful or self-defeating they are, when the mechanisms at play in our psyche remain unconscious.

In other words, we are going to pay a price in some form of suffering for whatever is emotionally unresolved in our psyche. It becomes our path of least resistance to experience events, situations, and ourselves from a negative perspective (at least part if not much of the time). It's as if our thoughts, memories, feelings, observations, and beliefs pass through an invisible screen or filter where they are distorted and corrupted by a chaotic, undeveloped side within us. This produces a wide variety of emotional and behavioral problems.

When life’s circumstances are more difficult, as in our current economic malaise, we are more likely to succumb to unresolved emotions in our psyche.

My books and psychotherapy expose the exact inner workings of this irrational, secretive part of our psyche. With the deeper awareness we acquire, we have the power to replace the old self-defeating mechanisms with new awareness, like upgraded "software," that processes our experiences more objectively and more harmoniously.