Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's Time We Acquire More Insight

To avoid national and global disaster, we have to progress quickly toward a better world. To do that, we must understand our inner conflicts and how they influence the world around us.

Most of us experience some degree of inner conflict. That conflict is a source of our emotional and behavioral problems. The conflict that we experience within our psyche creates the unhappiness, dissension, violence, terrorism, and war that spreads throughout the world.

We can evolve beyond our hostility toward one another, and overcome our disconnect from our sense of value and goodness, by seeing clearly how negative forces operate inside of us.

Although it's painful to stay mired in the inner status quo, we often accept the pain rather than risk exploring our subconscious mind. Why? Some anxiety and fear arise when we look deeply into ourselves. It also feels to us that we won’t know who we are if we surrender big chunks of our suffering or give up our identity.

The inner forces that work against peace and progress can be understood and overcome. We begin by exposing how we subconsciously hold on to feelings of being deprived, helpless, rejected, devalued, criticized, and abandoned. This inner dysfunction is hurting us personally, politically, and socially. It's time to acquire more insight.